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Jatinder singh better knows as Abraam is an Indian singer, Composer, and model, which associated with the Punjabi music industry. on 22 February 2018, he debuts his singing career with the song Jutti, also featuring Aiesle. But the song did not get a good response from the audience. Even after this, many of his songs did not get much response, such as Songs Made Kam nu, End, Hitler Nal De, and addiction.

Abraam Punjabi Singer | Source - Instagram
Abraam Punjabi Singer

on first July 2018, Abraam breakthrough with the song TIME. This song is trending number #3 on youtube for 3 days. Since its release, it has had a number of super hit songs such as Halaat, Change made din, Good Time featuring R-Nait.


Abraam was born on 12 december 1998 at Punnawal, grandpa village (nanka villge) near Dhuri, Sangrur, Punjab. He studied till 12th from his native village Khurana, district Sangrur, Punjab. he survived with his parents and his grandmother has passed away.

Abraam's family collage photos
Abraam’s family collage photos

Net worth

According to his songs revenue, his estimated net worth is 3-4 million INR. His family’s first financial situation was not so good. He did everything on his own.

Full name Jatinder singh
Nickname Abraam, Abhi
Parents Not Known
Born 12 December 1998, Punnawal, Sangrur

Punjab, India

College Not Known
Education Bechelor of Arts had dropped in second year
Occupations Singer, lyricist, Model
Net worth 3-4 million (Approx)
Labels GEM Records, The Frame Studieos

R-Nait, Vaaho Entertrainments, Juke Duck, Nav Hayer

Associated Acts Aiesle, R-Nait, Nav Hayer, Deep Mangat, Aka Pardhan, Daman Dhiman, Lucky Jaani,
Social Accounts His accounts Link below the article
Height 5 ‘ 9” Feet
Weight 50-55 Kg
Girlfriend Single
Debut Career on 22 februray 2018 with Jutti
Songs 38 Songs
Age 22 Years (2020)
Awards He has not received any award till date
Earning Source
Paid Promotion, Singing, Live shows


He want to singer since childhood, his friend said. He left his BA for a career in singing when he was in his second year of BA and moved to Chandigarh with his friend Aiesle. Aielse is a singer as well as good music producer. on 23 February 2020, Abraam started his career with song Jutti, featuring Aiesle. That song they upload on his own. The song was uploaded to their own youtube channel GEM Records. But this song doesn’t proform well.

The Time Song Poster  | Source - Instagram
The Time Song Poster | Source – Instagram

Even after that he released many songs which did not get any response from any audience like Made Kam nu, End, Hitler Nal De, Fukra, and addiction. on first July 2018, Abraam breakthrough with the song TIME. This song is trending number #3 on youtube for 3 days. Since its release, it has had a number of super hit songs such as Halaat, Change made din, Good Time featuring R-Nait.

Abraam’s Favorites

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Actress Not Known
Singers Bohemia 
Song Not Known
Food Pizza, Sarso Da Saag
Colors Blue, Black
Sports Cricket & Football
Brands Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger


Abraam has no controversy till the date.


Title Label Date Views
Jutti GEM Records 22 February 2018 250k
Maadey Kam Nu (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 8 March 2018 311k
End GEM Records 8 April 2018 508k
Hitler Naal De (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 29 April 2018 400k
Halaat (Audio) GEM Records 10 May 2018 655k
Fukra GEM Records 6 June 2018 250k
Time (feat. Aiesle) Juke Duck 1 July 2018 2.9m
Addition (Audio) GEM Records 4 July 2018 222k
Halaat (Video) GEM Records 27 July 2018 2.3m
Addition (video) GEM Records 17 August 2018 1.7m
End (Video) GEM Records 6 September 2018 780k
One o One (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 8 October 2018 51k
Dogley GEM Records 15 October 2018 147k
Sher Singh GEM Records 26 October 2018 485k
Fake Blood (Audio) GEM Records 8 November 2018 148k
Enemy GEM Records 9 December 2018 140k
Dhakk Paundi AA GEM Records 5 January 2019 147k
Dill Kamla GEM Records 24 January 2019 93k
Yaar Maar (Feat. Abraam)Yaar Maar (Feat. Abraam) Nav Hayer 21 February 2019 209k
Aa Suneo Father Saab GEM Records 7 March 2019 207k
Zor (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 4 April 2019 104k
Dimang Khraab (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 12 June 2019 158k
No Compromise (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 19 June 2019 75k
Don't Cry (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 5 July 2019 43k
The End (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 25 July 2019 75k
Down to earth (feat. Deep Mangat & Aiesle) GEM Records 6 August 2019 60k
This is me (Feat. Aiesle) GEM Records 20 August 2019 28k
Aukaat (Feat. Aka Pardhan) GEM Records 20 November 2019 21k
Burning Jatt (feat. Abraam) GEM Records 7 March 2020 21k
Lucky Jaani (feat. Abraam) GEM Records 3 April 2020 6.5k
Stay Home GEM Records 4 April 2020 24k
Chillam GEM Records 15 April 2020 130k
Halaata Ne GEM Records 20 April 2020 41k
Change Madde Din Vaaho Entertainments 4 june 2020 1.7m
Bad Jatt (feat. Aisle) The Frame Studios 4 July 2020 126k
Wakhta Nal KheWakhta Nal Khednadna GEM Records 8 July 2020 271k
Naam Karuga GEM Records 16 July 2020 56k
Afwaah GEM Records 30 July 2020 145k
Struggler GEM Records 6 August 2020 34k
Pyaar NaalPyaar Naal GEM Records 20 August 2020 24k
Good Time (feat. R-Nait) R-Nait 19 November 2020 4.4m
Senti Jatti R-Nait 21 December 2020 1.6m

Some Interesting Facts about Abraam

  • He had dropped his bachelor degree for making career in singing. He moved to Chandigarh with his friend Aiesle for be a singer.
  • So far, he has released over 40 songs since 2018.
  • Abram said he belonged to a poor family and his father wanted to educate him and be a government officer. But his mother always supported him.
  • Most of his songs are on time, as he says in a song I fight with bad time, then comes good time, Good and bad days have come, but your son has never afraid, Good times show the world, bad times show ours (friends, Relatives).
  • He supported farmer protest 2020, which against three agriculture bills.
  • Now, he lived at Chandigarh, India.
  • There are so many songs of Abraam on Gem records youtube channel that it seems as if this channel is not of Aiesle but of Abram.
Abraam's childhood photo | Source - Instagram
Abraam’s childhood photo | Source – Instagram

Social Media Contacts

Instagram abraamofficial
Gmail NA
Facebook NA
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat abraam_official
Mobile No. (For any Inquiry) 9530693398

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My Personal Review

When I researched the personal Abraam, one thing was clear that he did not find success at once, after singing continuously for almost 7 years, he found success. He dropped out of college for singing, it was a big risk, But someone great said that  no one can stop you from succeeding if you have strong intentions.

Personally, when I started researching about Abraam I found very little information to me, whatever information I found from his interview, I put it in front of you, I personally think that he and all his friends who are with him are all his Hiding identities, we have no information about them without their names. But only time will tell why they are doing this. You must submit your thoughts in the comment box.

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