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Balwinder Singh Jatana was a resident of Ropar, Punjab and was associated with Babbar Khalsa. He was one of the close associates of Babbar Khalsa chief Sukhdev Singh Babbar and was made lieutenant-general of the Malwa area of ​​Punjab.

The activities of Babbar Khalsa used to be conducted on the behest of Jatana.

Grandmother Dwarki Kaur, aunt Jamsher Kaur, sister Manpreet Kaur, and nephew Simranjit Singh were among those who passed away. Jatana’s family was brutally murdered and set on fire in their own home by Poohla and Saini according to sources.

Jatana had slain the engineers, according to Nirpreet Kaur.

Sardaar Balwinder Singh Jatana

Balwinder Singh Jatana and his accomplices killed two policemen in Chandigarh, which resulted in the suspension of the Sutlej-Yamuna connection canal project in Punjab at the time. Jatana was acclaimed as a “Sikh Liberation Hero” by some.

The incident happened in Sector 26, Chandigarh, on 23 July 1990, at a formal discussion about building the Sutlej-Yamuna link canal. The idea called for sharing Punjab’s water supply with Delhi and Haryana.

According to reports, Ropar resident Jattana interrupted the meeting along with his henchmen Balbir Singh Fauji, Jagtar Singh Pinjola, and Harmeet Singh Bhaowal and started shooting at the officials.

Avtar Aulakh and MS Sikri, the chief and superintending engineers of SYL, had been slain by the Jattana-led faction.

The state police launched a search for Jattana and the other murder suspects. Jattana was not located during the police search of his home, but his family was apparently detained.

Later, it was discovered that Jattana was a member of the pro-Khalistan organisation Babbar Khalsa, and a 16 lakh rupee bounty was placed on his head. In a 1991 police confrontation, Balwinder Singh Jattana was fatally shot. He has since been celebrated by scores of Khalistanis and now Sidhu Moose Wala in his song SYL.

While his exact age isn’t known, he left his education at 25 to begin his call for annexing Punjab from India.

Short Bio

Full NameBalwinder Singh Jatana
Age25 Year Old
ResidencyRopar, Punjab
Known forTo stop the work of SYL

Although he was a terrorist for the Indian government, the people of Punjab consider him a hero. When we talked to people about Balwinder Singh Jatana, everyone said that Balwinder Jatana lives in our hearts.

Had it not been for that, the water of Punjab would have gone to other states.


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  1. Grandmother Dwarki Kaur, aunt Jamsher Kaur, sister Manpreet Kaur, and nephew Simranjit Singh were among those who passed away.
    When you say,” those who passed away”! What exactly to you mean by that? They didn’t just pass away, they were brutally murdered and were set on fire in their own home by Poohla and Saini! The real Terrorists and Indira was the main Terrorist!

  2. I had not heard about this Shaheed until I heard Sidhu Moose Wala’s SYL song.

    There are many more unsung Shaheeds we don’t know about.

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