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Bhagwan Singh Sidhu aka Bhaana Sidhu is a famous Punjabi YouTuber, Social Worker as well as a model. In his videos, basically focused on Comedy or farmer issue like new farming, less value of the crop, crop revolution etc. He has also acted in many popular songs and has also played a role in the movie Sufna.

In fact, Bhaana Sidhu came into limelight when he had made a telefilm on poppy by November 15 2019, falling the farmer would launch a mass agitation against the government. A Case filed by Government on bhaana. When the BKU (Lakhowal) filed a protest against the government, Government withdraws a case against Bhaana Sidhu.

Bhaana first used to make the videos with his friend Producer Dxx. These videos were comedy videos, and upload all videos on a youtube channel named Producer Dxx. Later became misunderstanding among themselves, and these separated. Bhaana made a new Youtube Channel “Chacha Wow Records”. Now, ChaCha wow Records has 302k subscriber on YouTube.Bhaana Sidhu

The following word has been written about Bhana Sidhu. 

Birth nameBhagwan Singh Sidhu
NicknameBhaana Sidhu
BornJuly 4, 1990;
Kotduna village in Barnala, Punjab, India
OrgionPunjab, India
Occupation(s)YouTuber, Comedian, Social Worker, BKU (Lakhowal) member
YouTube ChannelChacha Wow Records
Martial StatusSingle
GirlfriendNot Known
Weight60 Kg


Bhaana Sidhu Grandpaa
Bhaana Sidhu Grandpaa

Bhaana Sidhu was born on 4 July 1990 in the house of Sardar Bikkar Singh. Bikkar Singh is a farmer. Bhana’s Grandpa, Late Sh. Kartar Singh Chairman was also a Bharti Kisan Union President. Bhaana Sidhu follows his grandpa footstep. His sister married Patiala, Bhaana mostly live there.

Bhaana passed 12th from Govt. senior secondary school, Kotduna, Punjab.

Physical Figure

Height (Approx)5'6"
Weight (Approx)60 Kg
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack


Nephew partap kharoud
Nephew Partap kharoud

After graduation, Bhaana Sidhu began to cultivation. But his childhood friend Harinder Singh (Producer Dxx) made comedy videos, And mostly upload on Instagram. Producer Dxx also made many videos with Bhaana Sidhu. People give a lot of love to these videos.

They team up with the boys in his village (Kotduna). Producer Dxx started YouTube channel Producer Dxx (12 June 2016). In the beginning, they didn’t get success. Then they started making funny videos and stories for Instagram and Snapchat. Slowly-Slowly, People started to like them (2017). Then again started to upload videos on Youtube. That time they succeed. 7 July 2018, they completed 100k subscriber on Youtube Channel.Bhaana Sidhu

in 2019, Bhaana Sidhu plays a role in a Punjabi web series “Bhola Banuga Star”. Likewise, he plays a supporting role in many Punjabi songs videos.

In mid-2019, a rift broke out between Bhaana Sidhu and Harinder Singh (Producer Dxx). Some rumours that cause of rift was money, but there is no information about it.

Mid 2019, Bhaana started his own YouTube Channel “Chacha Wow Records”. In this channel content related to comedy videos, Social and political issues, and social awareness. Chacha Wow Records has 302 subscribers on Youtube.Chacha Wow Records

Maybe in the future, Bhaana Sidhu will join politics.

Famous Videos

13 Jun 2018Jhona afsar kutapa1.2 Millions
3 Oct 2019Jatt Chodri Shonki Nokkar Kam kar Kon kare1.2 Millions
10 Dec 2018Mrya Nhi Akdya
1.1 Millions
30 Nov 2019Machri Hoe Tivi919 k
26 Sep 2019Badhmashi ch apna Chagga hi parwa leya765 k

List Of Music Videos In Which Bhaana Sidhu Has Acted

Video TitleLead ModelDate
DoctorSidhu Moose Wala3 August 2020
Barood DillKorala Maan17 january 2020

In Movie


Sufna is a 2020 Indian Punjabi-language romantic drama film written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu.


With BygBird, Sunny Malton And Singga

BygBird, Sunny Malton and Singga belong to Punjabi Music Industry. A few days ago Sunny Malton and Bygbird were live on Instagram, in which they commented on Bhaana Sidhu saying that he is intoxicated, his height is very low and he is a spoon of Sidhu Moose Wala.

When Bhaana heard that he got tempered, He comes live on Instagram And he Cursed them a lot. He also angrily said that I am not like the singers who are brave in songs, I do not cut head at the toll plaza in songs, but I would rather show it.

Singga talked about toll plaza in his song, so Singga bhaana turned against Sidhu.

I can’t share bhaana live because there are so many abuses in it you can go and watch it on youtube


Bhaana Sidhu made a telefilm, about the farmer’s issue of Rice crop, with his friends. In the film, They showed abuse of government officers, That’s by, officers case file against his and his team. This issue has been in the discussion for some time, It also got him a lot of fame, which attached to him a lot of people on Instagram and Youtube. [ Telefilm Name – Jhona Afsar Kutapa]

Instagram Story Issue

Bhaana Sidhu and his friend Harinder aka Producer Dxx used flawed vocabulary used to a girl as well as girl’s village, in these Instagram stories. Her village peoples criticised them. Bhaana and Producer also apologised for that, from villagers, And also clarified that we did not mention your village name.

Toll Tex 

Bhaana Sidhu raised a voice against looting in the form of toll taxes and toll plazas, In India. He also alerted people to avoid looting at Toll Plaza. He had this issue up to the international level. He fights at Chandigarh-Patiala Toll plaza,

In fact, those vehicles that were taking over 3 minutes to the Plaza were asked to leave without payment of toll tax, which led to a fight with the toll plaza members.

Poppy Cultivation

Bhaana Sidhu had made a telefilm on the cultivation of poppy. The government takes action against Bhaana. But B.K.U. (Indian Farmers Union) Lakhowal protested against the government Dc Office Barnala. demanding that the case be dismissed against Bhana Sidhu. And that’s exactly happened.

BKU Protest at Dc office Barnala
BKU Protest at Dc office Barnala

Protest Against 3 Agriculture Bills

Bhaana Sidhu also take part in the movement against the three agriculture bills also lead in ground level. Bhaana Sidhu is a very good speaker and in his lecture he opposed the deadly bills of the governments and said that if the government did not withdraw these bills then the consequences would be very bad. Bhana Sidhu is fighting with the government for the rights of the farmers.

You must watch this lecture of Bhana Sidhu which he gave on Protest.

With Joginder Singh Ugrahan

Sr. Joginder Singh Ugrahan is union president of Kisan Union Ekta Ugrahan, It is about the time when Joginder Singh Ugrahan told a gathering of farmers who were going to Dehli to protest, that they should not go to Dehli but would start protesting where the police stopped them So that no one’s life is lost. But Bhaana Sidhu addressing the farmers said that even if they lose their lives but they will die after going to Dehli. When the farmer obeyed Bhana Sidhu and walked with him to Dehli, Joginder Singh Ugrahan, while giving an interview about Bhana Sidhu on a TV channel, said that Bhana Sidhu was spoiling the struggle.

When Bhaana Sidhu came to know that Joginder Singh had made this statement about him, he condemned it on his Facebook page and said that my family and I have been fighting for the rights of farmers all our lives And respected Ugarahan should not have done such things.

Favourite Things

IdealBhagat Singh
ActorAmmy Virk, Amir Khan,
ActressMandy Takkar
SingerSidhu Moosewala
Politician Not Known
Hobby Gyming, Acting
FoodSerso da Saag (Indian food), Kheer (Indian food)
TractorSwaraj 855, HMT 5911
Car(S)Range Rover, Fortuner, Scorpio
Dressmostly he like wear to Kurta Pajama (Punjabi dress)

Some Interesting Facts about Bhaana Sidhu

  • Bhana’s Grandpa, Late Sh. Kartar Singh Chairman was also a Bharti Kisan Union President. Bhaana Sidhu follows his grandpa footstep.
  • He had no plan to be a YouTuber, But fortunately today he is a successful YouTuber.
  • Bhaana mostly likes to wear Kurta-Pajama.
  • Firstly, he belongs to The National Congress Party, But he left the party, fed up with the work of the government.
  • He always speaks for the rights of Punjab, he does not like injustice. [note: That not said by me, it said by people, which I am interviewed]
  • He mostly lives Patiala, Her sister’s house.
  • Bhana is active on social media daily.
Bhaana Sidhu's Web Series
Web Series


Social Accounts

Facebook Bhaanasidhu1
Instagram bhaanasidhuz
Twitter N/A
Snapchat bhaana_sidhuz
Mobile No. 9463034885
Youtube Bhaana Sidhu

Chacha Wow Records

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