39 Impressive Facts About Pakistan

facts about pakistan
Pakistan flag

Pakistan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It has population-wise 6th rank and area wise 33rd rank in the world.its has four provinces(Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan). some facts about Pakistan is write down:-

  1. Pakistan means is pure land in Persian and Urdu.
  2. Karachi is the first largest city of Pakistan after independence Karachi is the capital of Pakistan. In 1959, the capital of Pakistan was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad and Karachi became the capital of Sindh. Peshawar is the oldest city in South Asia.
  3. Islamabad becomes the capital of Pakistan in 1967.
  4. Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful capital.
  5. Urdu is a national language of Pakistan.they also use English for office work.
  6. Liaquat Ali Khan is the first to the prime minister of Pakistan.
  7. Benazir butto become the first women prime minister of Pakistan and the first women PM of any Islamic country.
  8. Sir Abdul Rashid is the first chief justice of Pakistan.
  9. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the first governor-general of Pakistan. 
  10. Teri-Yaad is the first Pakistani film.
  11. Pakistan has 2 novel prizes. Malala Yousafzai fort peace in 2014 and Abdus salam for physics in 1979.
  12. Pakistan is the first Islamic country in the world that has nuclear power. There 5 nuclear power plants and two under construction.
  13. Pakistan has the largest irrigation system in the world.
  14. Pakistan has the world’s largest ambulance system.
  15. Pakistan day on March 23rd.
  16. The first pc virus is created in Pakistan by two brothers.it means Pakistan people are a very sharp mind.
  17. Pakistanis are the world’s 4th intelligent peoples. 
  18. most of the scientist are comes from Pakistan, it has ranked on the world is 7th.
  19. The world 90% of footballs are made in Sialkot(Pakistan).
  20. k-2 Chagori is the world’s second-highest peak int the world. 
  21. the world’s largest man-made forest in Pakistan, Changa-manga. it is made by two brothers.
  22. Pakistan is the second Islamic country that starts combat jobs for women.
  23. 96% of peoples are Muslim in Pakistan.
  24. Tharparkar(Pakistan) desert is only a fertile desert in the world.
  25. Jahangir khan best professional squash player in the world.
  26. Gwadar Port is a deep seaport in the world.
  27. Karakoram Highway is the world’s international most paved highway.
  28. Pakistan is the 4th largest milk-producing country in the world.
  29. Pakistan has 6 world heritage sites. these names are Mohenjo-Daro, the Buddhist ruins of Takht-i-bahi, the neighboring city remains at Sahr-i-bahlol, the fort and Shalamar garden in Lahore, the monument at makli fort rohtas, and ancient ruins at Taxila.
  30. Also, the sexiest man is in Pakistan, its ranked 3rd in the world.
  31. Alama muhammad iqbal is national poet of pakistan.
  32. National fruit-mango, national flower-jasmine.
  33. Sugarcane is the national drink of Pakistan.its a very testy drink and useful for jaundice disease.
  34. 139 airfields and 151 airports are Pakistan.jinnah international airport(Karachi) is the largest airport in Pakistan.
  35. Ansoo-Lake is very famous in Pakistan because its shape like a lady crying. many peoples are coming for visiting.
  36. Pakistani family is large. they most bear kurta-pajama(man), salwar-suit and burka(ladies).
  37. China is a good friend of Pakistan.
  38. Pakistan launched six satellites in space. the first is Badr-1.
  39. pakistan’s army is on13th rank in a powerful army in the world.
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