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    Facts about India, which some are hidden 

  1.   Name INDIA is derived from the name of the river Sandhu.  
  2. India has a rank is 7th by area And population-wise is 2nd in the whole world. 
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More
    Flag of India 

  3. Indus valley is the first civilization of India.
  4.  Cotton crop first time growing in India.
  5.  Indian old people calculated the time by the position of stars and sun.
  6. ‘0’ is invented by Indian methanation ARYABHATA and added in the number system.
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  7. BUDHYANA is a genius who calculates the value of pi.
  8. CHEESE is invented by India.
  9. India has YOGA skills from 5000 years.
  10. water on the moon firstly discovered by India by the ISRO.
  11. the world is the largest milk production in India.
  12. The world shortest woman from India his name JYOTI AMGE.his height is 62.8 cm.
  13. RABINDRA NATH TAGORE is the first India who has novel price is literature. 
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  14. India has the largest written constitution in the world.
  15. The Indian woman has more gold than the USA and Switzerland.
  16. in 2030 India begin the most populated country in the whole world.
  17. 9/10 highest picks in India. mount Everest is highest pick of world.
  18. LONAR lake, Maharashtra was begun above 52000 years ago, by olka crash on earth.
  19. ISRO is listed in the world’s top space organization. 
  20. 90% of the countries are taking software from India.
  21. world top company CEO from India, for ex.-Sundar Pichai, is the CEO of GOOGLE.
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  22. the world is the largest newspaper market in India.
  23. Indian people are less belive in Indian news channels.
  24. wheat is the major food of India.
  25. MUKESH AMBANI is the richest man in India.
  26. Dr.MANMOHAN SINGH is the biggest economist in the world from India.
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  27. the first prime minister of India is Jawaharlal Nehru.
  28. The first lady prime minister is Indra Gandhi. 
  29. India first satellite name is ARYABHATA.
  30. India’s first train running between Mumbai and thane in 1853. this time India slaves of England government.
  31. India has the world’s most expensive diamond ‘Kohinoor’ in the empire of maharaja RANJIT SINGH.
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  32. HARI SINGH NALWA won the Afghanistan war.
  33. in India many worriers kill the lion by sword or by hand, for example, raja NAL and HARI SINGH NALWA.
  34. 20-40% of Indians are vegetarians.
  35. The TAJ MAHAL is one of the 7th wonders in the world. 
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  36. HOCKEY is the national game of India but people more interest in cricket.
  37. 33 crore gods in India.
  38. Most Indians believe in mythologies stories that have no evidence.
  39. Most Indians say Mata(mother) to the cow.
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  40.  plastic surgery first time done by an Indian doctor in 1930.
  41. 1652 languages are used in India, and 22 languages have official languages.
  42. world second-largest producer of small cars.
  43. in India has 6 major seasons of climate. summer, summer monsoon, winter, winter monsoon, spring, and autumn.
  44. road accidents are most happen in India.
  45. in India, 95% of people have 5% of the money in total wealth of India and 5 % of people have 95% money of the total money of the country. 
  46. 22% of people of its population is below its official poverty limit.
    poor household in India 

  47. big food companies are making vegetarians for India people especially.these companies name MAC-Donald, PIZZA HUT, and KFC.
    India's Facts, Wiki, States, Flag, Economices And More

  48. india is nuclear power country.
  49. indian army is the second-largest military force in the world.
  50. only one of the ocean in the world whose name on a country name and his name Indian ocean.

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