Kaka (Punjabi Singer) Biography, Family, Career, Discography And 7 Interesting Facts

Ravinder singh is better known as Kaka is a Singer, Poet, Lyricist, and Composer, which associated with Punjabi Music industry.

He started his career in singing with his single, Scene-4, which he uploaded on his own youtube channel named KAKA. July 2020, Kaka got fame solo Kah Len De. After that, he gives many superhits like Teeji Seat, Libaas, Dhoor Pendi and etc.

He also a great architect, do the job in PUDA (Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority).

Kaka | Source - Facebook
Kaka | Source – Facebook

Kaka was born on Chandomajra, Punjab, India. He had belonged to a poor family. Kaka had a passion for writing since childhood, but he started writing songs at a young age.

In addition to his parents, he has a brother in the family who is married and has a daughter. A search of his village revealed that he was a very pure-hearted man.

Full name Ravinder Singh
Nickname Kaka
Parents Not Known
Born in 1994;

Chandumajra, Punjab, India

College BBSBPC College, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab
Education Mechanical Engineering
Occupations Lyricist, Singer, Composer, Architecture
Net worth Not Known
Labels Yaarvelly Productions, Haani Records, Single Track Studio, Saregama Music, Studio 7 Records
Associated Acts Karan Ambersariya, Adaab Kharoud, Navi Sandhu,  Aakansha, Ginni Kapoor, Anjali Arora, Deep Prince, Neha Malik
Social Accounts He has an account on Instagram (Which Link on below the article)
Height 5 ‘ 11” Feet
Weight 60-65 Kg
Rumours He is Auto Driver
Debut Career Scene-4 (Now deleted from YouTube)

As a Lyricist- Surma (on 23 November 2019)

Songs 6 Songs
Age 27 Years (As in 2021)
Awards He has not received any award to date
No Logo

Kaka’s Favourites

Actors Will Smith
Actress NA
Singers NA
Food Pizza, Allu (Potato)  Parantha
Whiskey Signature
Colours Black and White
Sports Football

The Physiology Book

Interesting Facts About Kaka

  1. He is a great architecture. He works as an architect in PUDA.
  2. His father is a mason, also his brother does a private job.
  3. kaka loves travelling. He is travelling to many places in India like Rajasthan, Himachal, Assam, Goa, etc.
  4. Apart from lyric writing, he enjoys writing poetry and short stories.
  5. He smokes and drinks too, the signature is his favourite whiskey. ( Note: This element is based on the posts he has made in his Instagram profile)
  6. He is very fond of tattoos even though he does not have a single tattoo on his body.
  7. Kaka says that he should not buy a song from anyone and never give a song to anyone, also never make a contract (Bond)  with any company. Source – Instagram Post.
  8. He uploaded his first song scene-4 on his own youtube channel, the name of the channel was also kaka. But now he has hidden his song or deleted his youtube channel.
  9. The song Nishaan kaka had written on 12 April 2014 and released later 7 years on 4 April 2021.
  10. He exercises every day. There is not a day that he does not exercise.

Kaka’s Discography

This is a record of his official release song, not of the ones he posted on his Instagram.

TitleDate Label
Kah Len de 28 July 2020Song - Yaarvelly Productions
Video - Haani Records
Teeji Seat30 August 2020Yaarvelly Productions
Libaas18 September 2020Yaarvelly Productions
Dhoor Pendi10 October 2020Yaarvelly Productions
Aashiq Purana31 October 2020Best Beat Music
Temporary Pyaar3 November 2020Yaarvelly Productions
Libaas (reloaded)8 Dec 2020Single Track Studio
Ignore Feat. Navi Sandhu11 January 2021Sonotek Music
Teeji Seat (Video)6 Feb 2021Yaarvelly Productions
Dhund Di Khushboo21 Feb 2021Saregama Music
Nishaan Feat. Deep Prince4 April 2021Studio 7 Records


  1. Kaka’s Song Kah Len De was a superhit after Kaka gave the rights of this song to Hani Records, which Hani Records sold to rights single track studio for Rs 12 lakh, out of which the company did not give anything to Kaka. His mother revealed this in an interview; the link to the interview is in the source paragraph below.

Social Media Contacts



Gmail NA
Facebook NA
Youtube Channel Yaarvelly productions
Snapchat NA
Mobile No. (Enquiries) 8729091996

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My Personal Review

When I researched the personal Kaka, one thing was clear that he did not find success at once, after singing continuously for almost one and a half years, he found success. It also shows that he is honest and hardworking.

Personally, when I started researching about kaka I found very little information to me, whatever information I found I put it front of you, I personally think that he and all his friends who are with him are all his Hiding identities, we have no information about them without their names.

But only time will tell why they are doing this. You must submit your thoughts in the comment box.

I hope you would like this information, suggest a name in the comment box on which you want another biography. I will provide 100% of the information about his life. I strive for accuracy and fairness. If You see something which doesn’t look right, contact us. Thank you for visiting my website. God Bless You & Your Family!!!

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  1. kake veere, all song is great and superub
    god bless you veere.
    veere main ik Bhangrah type song write kita hai
    main chaunda haa te tusi song teyar karo
    mobile no:- 9815634729

  2. kake veere, all song is great and superub
    god bless you veere.
    veere main ik Bhangrah type song write kita hai
    main chaunda haa te tusi song teyar karo
    mera mobile no:- 9815634729 aa hega je.

  3. Why is everyone soo concern about his family financial status 🙄🙄
    U can’t buy talent.. u r born with it.
    Poor people sing too
    Stop marginalizing people for goodness sake…it is rude
    I am not an Indian but I have to say something…

      • I don’t think people want to know the net worth. When we love someone’s talent, we want to know that artist (personally). And through this site, I would like to appreciate this guy “Kaka” and tell him that my friends, family, and I really love his voice.

  4. Kake,
    Beta Bahut gaonde ho tusi! Tuhadi cigarette te sharab di adat bare padh ke man dukhi Hoya. Eh Sade Guru Sahibaan de ditte hoye “Singh” naam di tauheen hai.

    Proud of the fat that you are an architect and engineer and on top of that a great artist. Saddened to hear smoking and drinking habits. Let us not disgrace our Guru Sahib’s gift of name Singh unless of course you are Hindu. Still, smoking and drinking are bad for health anyways. You are smarter than that and bd a good role model. Wish you the best 😊


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