One of the largest natural farmers in Punjab, KamalJeet Singh Hayer

Kamaljeet Singh Hayer is one of Punjab’s most prominent organic & natural farmers, in India. He is doing organic farming on 20 acres and also giving training about farming to the needy farmers on his farm “Sohangarh Natural Farms“.

At first, he was a lawyer but seeing the damage to nature, the declining quality of food, the poisoning of the soil, and the sinking of the waters, he abandoned his advocacy and started doing natural farming in 2012.

Kamaljeet is living in Sohangarh (Rattewala), Punjab, India. On his farm, He has more than 200 varieties of trees, He produces over 50 crops, all of which he sells from his field. In addition to the crops, it has a wide variety of animals and birds, which are visited by people from far and wide, so it is becoming a tourist spot.

Kamaljeet Singh Hayer

He does many experiments related to organic farming such as making micronutrients, FYM, how to increase the soil fertility in less time, etc. Also, He has developed a model of how to maximize profits from a minimum of space, Which is a sight to behold.

After processing, he sold his crops, gained more profit and developed his own market. The Government officials and 100 plus farmers visit his farm in a month. He charges a visitor just 400 rupees.

He charges 2500 rupees for training in organic farming. In this way, he is earning good money from his profession.

Short Bio

Full NameKamaljeet Singh Hayer
BornRattewala, Mukatsar;
Punjab, India
Marital StatusMarried
Occupation(s)Natural & Organic Farming & Trainor
Active year2012 – Till
EducationBachelor of law
College(s)Govt. College, Muktsar (1997)
SGN Khalsa College, Sri Ganganagar (2000)
Sohangarh Natural Food Founded19 March 2016
Best PracticesOrganic & Natural Farming, Multi-crops, Intercrops, DSR, DSW, SRI, Drip Irrigation, Water Harvest, Organic pesticides & Fertilizers
MasterDr. Om Prakash Rupela (ICRISAT)

Why Kamaljeet Hayer started Organic Famring?

I was met kamaljeet Hayer during a sohangarh farm visit, which sponsored by The Nabha Foundation. I asked to him that why you started organic farmer and left legel practices, however you earn good from advocacy?

Then he told me that, in 2012, when my grandfather passed away at the age of 101, i wondered what made him live so long: “My father had passed away at 53 due to a massive heart attack and my younger brother died of brain tumour at age of 10 years.

How could such a drastic shift come in our health within a generation?” He found the problem and the solution in farming. “We are what we eat. Nobody disputes that our ancestors had more nutritious food than us.

They had lesser stress triggers than us because of the simple life they led. I wanted better health for my family but was not sure on how to achieve that,” he says. i started searching online and came across the website of Kheti Virasat Mission. He called up KVM’s executive president Umendra Dutt who asked him to attend a workshop being organised in a few days.

Kamaljeet did not know that this one workshop will be the turning point of his life as he met famous scientist and inspiration for many organic farmers, Dr Om Prakash Rupela.

Dr O P Rupela first mentally prepared Kamaljeet, he told to Kamaljit about people that, First, they will ridicule you, then they will oppose you, then they will join you.

Dr Om Prakash Rupela had designed kamlajeet’s farm. Dr Rupela stayed for several days with Kamaljeet giving him deep insights about farming. Around 20 acres of his 50 acre farm was selected for developing this biodiversity-based natural farm model that aims to fulfill the needs of a family while providing a stable and substantial income.

“Besides his knowledge Dr Rupela also took inputs from around 25 people. He always said that he got all his practical knowledge from farmers. When he passed away, it was a big shock for me and I am still trying to recover from that,” Kamaljeet says.

The farm is an eye opener in the way it has been designed to recycle waste through continuous exchange of nutrients between various activities.

Rows of trees of 120 varieties on the edges, a small pasture with herbs for highly nutritious milk, a pond that harvests rain and canal water for later use, combination of crops which complement each other for optimal growth in minimum resources, all these aspects makes this a unique farm.

According to kamaljeet Singh Hayer farming is not just about sowing seeds and reaping harvest for the market.

It’s a unique amalgamation of soil, trees, birds, insects, animals and human being. By taking to chemical farming and monoculture, we have disturbed this relationship.

Interesting Facts about Kamaljeet Singh Hayer

  • He was a well successful lawyer, earned 1-2 lakhs from his legal practices, but due to concern about his family, he gave up advocacy and started subsistence farming.
  • Kamljeet Singh hayer is one of the biggest farmer in punjab, which adopted natural farming. He do natural farming in 20 acre.
  • He working on nutrition management, with the way pumping by plants & trees, with the help of biodiversity, intercroping, animal residue compost, and also buy FYM & ashes of plants & tress woods.
  • Kamaljeet buy ash of woods, and animals’s dung. also he have to buy the ashes equal to the weight of the wood.
  • He said that he works on the farm for about 14 hours every day, 4 more people work in his field also.
  • Kamaljeet has now become such an expert in natural farming that he is now training other farmers as well, 15-20 farmers taking training from his farm every month.
  • Kamaljeet Singh Hayer opened a outlet at Muktsar, Punjab named Kudrat Hut. in a month he earn is near about 60-70 thousand.
  • Dr. Om Prakash Rupela was his master, now he had passed away.
  • Kamlajeet Singh established his brand in ten year with hard work, now his every product sales from his farm with in few days.

Favorite Things

BookBirkha Baajh Na Sohdi Dharti (a punjabi Book)
PlaceSohangarh Natural Farm
MovieKisan Nasak
SingerManmohan Waris, Surjeet Bhullar


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Gmail[email protected]
AddressSohangarh Natural Farms Rattewala, Punjab region, India 152022


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