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Jaskaran Singh Aujla aka Karan Aujla is a famous Punjabi singer, lyricist, rapper, And model. He is born on 18 January 1997. His Age 24 years in 2020. his village is Ghurala, in Khanna Tehsil, district Ludhiana in Punjab.

Karan Aujla
Karan Aujla

He gives us superhit songs like “Ha Haige Aa”, “Chitta Kurta”, “Don’t Look”, “2 Am” And much more. His many songs mostly remained in Asian Music charts like “Hair”. He has a big audience in Canada & Punjab. His songs crores normally 50 million on youtube.

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He is also famous for his rivalry & competition with famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala. They both reply to each other in their songs. His latest song “Haan Haige Aa ” is crossed 15 million in 1 day on youtube.

karan Aujla father
Karan Aujla with his father in a childhood picture

Karan Aujla’s Net Worth 

Karan Aujla’s Net-worth approximated is 10 crore INR in 2020. He mainly earns money from singing but he has his own business as well in Canada.
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Do you know Karan Aujla Also has a job as Showman in the unknown company in Surrey (Canada)?

Karan Aujla | Cars | Home
Karan Aujla | Cars | Home

Karan Aujla’s Family

His father’s name is Late Balwinder Singh (Bagga) And his mother’s name Rajinder Kaur Aujla. Regret, his mom & dad died when he was only in 9th class. Karan Aujla has 2 sisters who live in Canada.  Nobody knows their sister names.
Karan had a poor family background. His father was working for only 5000 rupees per month in the company. It is a great achievement in itself to rise from the ground level and make a name for oneself in the world. Karan Aujla’s grandfather’s name is Kartar Singh.
Karan Aujla | mother | childhood
Karan Aujla | mother | childhood

Karan Aujla is married to Palak aujla.

Karan Aujla with Fianc (Palak)

Karan Aujla’s close friends is Deep Jandu & Sandeep Rehaan. Sandeep Rehaan is the founder of the Rehaan Record.

Karan Aujla & Deep Jandu
Karan Aujla & Deep Jandu

Debut and Struggle Life  

When he loses mom & dad. He starts living alone, it has a big impact on his life. He starts writing songs to express his feelings. Thus he eventually becomes a writer & singer.

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Once, he was singing a song in his friend’s marriage. In this marriage, he meet Punjabi singer Jassi Gill (Punjabi Singer). Karan was singing his own written song. Jassi gill liked this song very much and asked Karan to sing this song. That’s how Karan Aujla become a singer.

Jassi Gill (Range song poster)

Later on, Karan wrote the song for Gagan kukri.  This Song got everyone’s attention. So Karan decided to sing a song. He released his own song Cellphone.

Unfortunately, that song doesn’t perform well enough. Karan didn’t wrote or release any other song for a long time.

His friends Deep Jandu & Sandeep Rehaan encourage him to sing another song. His next song Yaarian Ch Fikk become a super hit and it broke many records. It gives him the fame that he deserves. After that Karan released many songs. Thus eventually he becomes the top star in the Punjabi music industry

Interesting Facts About Karan Aujla 

  1. Do you Known Karan Aujla’s full name Jaskaran Singh Aujla?
  2. He was just 20 years old when he becomes a famous singer
  3. He has down to earth nature. he loves his friends. According to sources, he started a cold war with Sidhu Moose Wala for his friend Deep Jandu.
  4. He likes Guns, Cars. most like Car Maruti, in 2015 he posts his car Maruti, also comments that ” Many Cars in the world But Maruti is Special”. he has modified jeep.Karan Aujla 's jeep
  5. He has a tattoo addiction. He makes a Tattoo of his mother & father on his right Arm. Also, he writes the name of his mother on the chest. He loves & and misses his parents a lot.His father's Tatto on his right arm
  6. Recently, He inked a new tattoo of Sardar Udam Singh, Bhagat Singh And Gaddri Babbe on his Left arm.
    View this post on Instagram

    🙏 @artistgill

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  7. He drinks alcohol but not additive to it.
  8. He loves animals, That’s a reason for used animals in every video.
  9. He moved to Canada after 9th class.
  10. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father used to earn 50000 per month.


  1. Everybody knows the Karan Aujla controversy with Sidhu Moose Wala. Nobody knows the full story.
  2. According to sources Karan Aujla’s song, Lafafe was written to provide Sidhu moose wala. However, Karan refused this statement.
  3. Sidhu moose wala also released warning shots in the reply of Lafafe. This song’s very sentence was a reply to Karan Aujla’s song.
  4. Later on, both singers keep targeting each other with their songs.
  5. Many people believe Karan Aujla’s song Haan Haige Aa was a reply to Sidhu moose wala. Sidhu moose wala wrote on ractor, Hai Koe Hor. Sources said that Karan Aujla had a reply to Sidhu Moosa Wala.
    The song released on 26 July 2020, The video of Sidhu’s Sanju Song was supposed to be released on the same day but due to the ongoing case against him, Sidhu could not release the video. Sidhu shared a poster of another of his new songs on this day, which was shared after 1million comments on one of his posts. Karan Aujla, while targeting Sidhu in protest, said on his Instagram live that doing all this will not hurt, the songs will continue.
They have given many replies to each other.  Recently, He replies to Sidhu Moose Wala in his song Chita Kurta.
Karan new reply to Sidhu Moose wala.

Karan Aujla made a tattoo of his mother’s name on the chest as you see in the image.

Karan Aujla Tattoo of his mother
Mother’s Tattoo

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Karan Aujla trending songs list

  1. Jhanjar got trending #1 in all India. Red Eyes Trending #1 in Punjab and on Indian Trending No. #3.
  2. Haan Haige Aa – Song crossed 15 million in a day. Also on worldwide trading no. 10, in India and Punjab, trending no. 1, #3 Cyprus, #6 New Zealand, #19 UK, #21 Pakistan, #22Itlay, #35 Spain, #Portugal, #47 Germany

    Karan Aujla Ha Haige Aa Trending Chart
    Source – GK Digital Instagram Page

Karan Aujla’s Social Contacts

Facebook Karan Aujla
For India Show Booking Contact No+91 99156 - 75499
Worldwide Show Booking Contact No+1-604-362-4603

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