Labh Heera Biography, Age, Height, Contact No., 5 Interesting Facts

Labh Heera is a famous Punjabi folk singer and lyricist.  he is a very prominent figure in the Punjabi music industry. He is also called the king of live performance. To date, there have been more than 400 songs from Labh Heera, All songs are superhits. He debuts his career with Album Khadi Teshan Te Rahgyi (1994), Lebel Anand Music Company. This album has been overwhelmingly loved by the audience. He was then given to back-to-back Superhit Songs. This way he went up the stairs to his success and continues today(2020). 

Early Life & Family 

Labh Heera born 0n 2 June 1972 at Achanak village, Budhlada, Mansa in Punjab. His father is  Bhajan Singh and his mother is Beero Kaur. Gurwinder Kaur is his spouse. His real name is Labh Singh Atwal. He has two sons, Both are studying and the older boy is also interested in singing.

He belonged to a poor family but still did not give up and today he is known worldwide for his talent. he belongs to Sikhism religious  & schedule cast. Labh Heera height is 5 feet 7 inches.

In his struggle time, he faced a lot of difficulties, One time he had no money to pay his room rent at Budhlada. When he was studying, the situation in Punjab was very serious, so he explains that he had a difficult time learning music. He studied music under very serious circumstances from his music master Dilbar Singh Dilbar alias Dilbar Dervish.

Khadi Teshan Te Rahgayi
Khadi Teshan Te Rahgayi

He attended government elementary school in the village till 5th, after that he did his middle(6-8) from government middle school Kulana, Mansa. he took his 10th class from the govt school in Budhlada. He used to go to see the live show half a day off from school.

He has done his 12th class from Guru Nanak College Budhlada. He won many music contests for Guru Nanak College. Seeing his achievements, the National College, Bhikhi offered him to free admission of the College, Also college gives many free facilities, Labh Heera accepted his offer and join National College, Bhikhi.


Labh Heera used to sing at his friends’ weddings, wherever he got the stage, he runs and went on stage. he always crazy for giving a live performance.

Labh Heera
Labh Heera

One day, Heera give his performance in his friend’s marriage party, coincidence, there was Anand Music company’s CEO and he liked the performance of Labh Heere, he gave the offer to record the album to Heera. Labh Heera debuts his career as a professional singer with his Album Khadi Teshan Te Rahgyi. This album has been overwhelmingly loved by the audience. He was then given to back-to-back Superhit Songs. This way he went up the stairs to his success and continues today(2020). 

Labh Heera Best Albums

  1. Khadi Teshan Te Rahgayi (1994)
  2. Raat Guzardi Theke Te (1997)
  3. Banj Brabar Gadda Ge (2000)
  4. Laggi Padan Patial (2005)
  5. Gabru Da Dill Ro Peya (2006)
  6. Ishq Di Paodi (2007)
  7. Tere Wargian (2007)
  8. Ishq De Maare (2008)
  9. Gabru da Dill Ro Peya (2009)
  10. Lagi Parn Patiale (2013)
  11. De Putra Diya Data (2013)
  12. Ohda Banke Rah (2013)
  13. Takke Takke te (2013)
  14. Thanks (2013)
  15. Sanu Kehda Pushda (2015)
  16. Staji Rang (2015)
  17. Parakh Ni Yaar di (2016)
  18. Jora 10 Numberiya (2017) Song Velly Singletrack
  19. Goli single track (30 April 2019)
  20. Reela Wala Deck, R nait Ft. Labh Heera (28 Nov 2019)

Many of his other albums have gone to superhits.

This is an interesting story of how the word Heera was attached to Labh Heera 

Labh Heera wrote an article while studying in the 8th class, which his school headmaster Harinder Sharma had published in the famous newspaper “Akali Patrika” of that time, this article was read by Sham Lal Malhotra, a teacher of the Banga School. The article liked it so much that they gave it the name Labh Heera. Malhotra also gave a letter to Labh Heera which Labh Heera still holds today.

Akali-Patrika Logo
Akali-Patrika Logo

Labh Heera’s Awards

  1. Best Folk Singer at Annual Awards Canada in 2004
  2. Alam Lahore Award, Jalandhar.

Interesting Facts About Labh Heera

  • He sang songs from his childhood. he performed at school, college and friends’ wedding functions.
  • Dilbar Darvish or Dilbar Singh Dilbar is Labh Heera’s music teacher.
  • Most of the song he writes himself but also sings songs who writes by other writers like Babu Singh Maan, Dev Thadikewala, Pali-Detwaliya, Major Khokharwaliya, Makhan Brar, Etc.
  • Some time create that situation he attends 2 or more shows at a day, Heera says that he had to refuse for the 3rd show.
  • Banj bra bar sang in 1998, and its hit song of year and fan following an increased lot of Labh Heera.
  • He explains that he wants to value something new every day, it’s secret of his success.
  • Labh Heera avoids alcohol from 13 years.
  • He most likes to wear to Punjabi kurta Chandra at a live performance, he says he much better feel then jeans.

    Labh Heera Live
    Labh Heera Live
  • He recorded above 400 songs in his singing career, still continues.
  • He eats only homemade food, he doesn’t like to restaurant food.
  • Velly song is the first song in films Jora 10 Numberia.
  • First album in 1994, khadi Teshan te Rahgyi by Anand company.
  • He learned to perform on stage from senior singers when they perform on stage. Mostly he follows Muhammad Sadiq, Kuldeep Manak, Kartar Ramla and Amar Singh Chamkila.
  • 22 Feb 1988 Amar Singh live performance at Achanakiya, Labh says that he meets Chamkila Ji after ta close the show and Chamkila impressed by Heera’s performance. Chamkila called him to meet after March 1988. but 8 march 1988 Chamkila murdered. Also, Chamkila gave him 5 rupees as a reward.
  • He has inactive on Social media. He has no real account on Facebook or Instagram. An account on Instagram handled by his manager.
  • Before the birth of her children, he thought that if he had a daughter, her name would be Ani Atwal and if he had a son, his name would be Anu Atwal.
  • He is a good friend of Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu.

    Labh Heera with Karan Aujla, Deep Jandu, Harf Farmer
    Labh Heera with Karan Aujla, Deep Jandu, Harf Farmer

Labh Heera Socal Media Contact 

Instagram officialLabhHeera
Twitter HeeraLabh
Facebook officiallabhheera
Youtube Channel Labh Heera Music Life
Office Address Near ITI Chowk, Budhlada, Mansa.
Contact No. 98727-71324
Snapchat Labhheera13

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