Parkash Kaur/Prakash Kaur Biography, Family, & Facts, Famous Song list

Parkash Kaur ( ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ ਕੌਰ; 19 September 1919- 2 November 1982) was an Indian Singer & Playback Singer who well known for her work in Punjabi Folk Songs.

She sang mainly Punjabi folk songs, where she is credited, along with her sister Surinder Kaur, for introducing and make popular in this the genre. Parkash Kaur sang Pashtu for short period folk songs.

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Early life and family:-

Parkash Kaur was born in Lahore in the state of Punjab, Pakistan. She is a sister of famous old singer Surinder Kaur and Dolly Guleria is her niece.Parkash Kaur with Surinder Kaur

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Parkash Kaur’s Career/debut:- 

Parkash Kaur made her professional debut with a live performance on ‘Peshawar Radio‘ in 1941, and then on 31 August 1943, she and her younger sister, Surinder Kaur cut their first duet, “Maavan te dheean nal baithian“, for the HMV label.

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  1. Parkash Kaur sang Pashtu for short period folk songs.
  2. She likes to stay away from media and limelight.

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Parkash Kaur Death:- 

She died on 2-11-1982 at the age of 63. Regret, I have no more information for her death. In fact, No, details of his death have been made online.

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