Parmish Verma Biography, Age, Controversy, Career, Family, And 7 Facts

Parmish Verma is a well known Punjabi model, director, actor, and singer who has risen to fame after a long struggle. He is very open about his personal life on social media and has a huge fan following on Instagram.

Parmish Verma
Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma Net worth:-

His estimated Networth is $58 Million in 2021. He has many Porsche cars like Bently, G Bagon, Frari, etc.

Born & Family:-

Parmish Verma was born on 3 July 1990 in Patiala, Punjab in a Punjabi family with Hindu. He is 30 years old in 2020.

His father is Dr Satish Verma, a professor and a renowned Punjabi writer, poet, and theatre artist. His mother Paramjit Verma is a professor.

He has a younger brother whose name is Sukhan Verma and married elder sister Sherry Rana. His tome town is Sunam, Sangrur district, India.

He is married to Guneet Grewal

Parmish Verma || Sister || And Brother
Parmish Verma || Sister || And Brother

Favourite Things

  • Gymming, Travelling, writing poems, collecting watches are his hobbies.
  • His favourite food is Punjabi food like Allu Da parantha, Sarso Da Saag, etc.
  • Bohemia is his favourite singer.
  • Vin Diesel is his favourite actor and V J Bani is his favourite actress.
  • He visits the gym regularly with a busy schedule.
  • Mukha” by Amar Arshi & “yaar Badneetiya” by Gurdass Mann are his favourite songs.
  • Goldy, Satta (Punjabi Singer) are his best friends.
At Goldie's Birthday
At Goldie’s Birthday


Parmish Verma attended Yadvindra school in Patiala. He is average at his studies. He was always fascinated by acting and used to work as a child artist in his father‘s plays and eventually joined his school‘s theatre group when he was in the 4th standard.

Parmish went to Sydney to pursue a Diploma in Hotel management but dropped out and returned to India in 2008 and started his singing and acting carrier in the music industry and film industry.

Pamish in Sydney
Pamish in Sydney

He rose to fame with the video “Zimmewari Bhukh Te Doori” (2014) in which he described his struggle in Australia.

Since then there is no looking back for Parmish Verma. He launched his production house named “Parmish Verm Films”. He started directing Punjabi music videos of famous Punjabi singers.

He was director and model of “THOKDA REHA” by Ninja (2015 Punjabi song).  He debuted his singing carrier with the song “LE CHAKK MAI AA GAYA” which was also based on his struggle in Australia.

He debuted his acting in PUNJAB BOLDA (2011, in a small role), “Rockey Mental”(2017, in a lead role), “Dil Diyan Gallan”, “Singham”. He shook the Punjabi industry with a remarkable performance in the Dil Diyan Galan movie.

Jindye Meriye” is a movie with Sonam Bajwa on 24 Jen, 2020.

Jinde Meriye (Parmish Verma & Sonam Bajwa)
Jinde Meriye (Parmish Verma & Sonam Bajwa)

Parmish Verma was awarded the Best Debut(Male) at the PTC PUNJABI FILM AWARD for his role in his film “Rocky Mental”. He has directed Punjabi music videos like’ SP de Rank’, Rondi Tera lai, Gal Jattan wali, Gallan Mithiyan, Aadat.

Parmish Verma shot to fame in 2017 with the song “Gal Ni Kadni”. He has got several hits including songs like “Gaal Ni Kadni”, “Shada”, “pinda ala jatt”, “Chal Oye”, “Ja Ve Ja”, “Sab Fadde Jange”, “Chidi Udd Kaa Udd” and many more.

Interesting facts

  1. He grew a beard on the suggestion of his mother.
  2. Parmish was born into a multireligious family of professors, to a Hindu father and a Sikh mother.
  3. His name is the combination of his parents’ name i.e. “param” jit +sat” ish”=parmish.
  4. He also has a pet dog which shows that he is a pet lover.
  5. He has worked in Fitness Gym in Chandigarh.
  6. Parmish drinks alcohol.
  7. In Sydney, he used to wash dishes and worked as a bartender and later ended up being a manager of the same pub.
  8. His debut movie “Punjab Bolda” script was written by his father.
Parmish Verma's father (Dr. Satish Varma)
Parmish Verma’s father (Dr Satish Varma)
  • He is very close to Gurdas Mann’s family and his son, Gurikk Mann also motivated him when he was in Australia.
  • He became a household name with his appearance as an angry villain in Ninja‘s music video.
  • About the Tattoos

    • He is tattoo addicted.  He has a tattoo on his arm, chest, biceps, and shoulder. He has got inked four times.
    • SUKHAN” on his left forearm inked in the black when he was only 18 years old was his first tattoo. This tattoo shows his love for his younger brother. In an interview, he revealed the secret behind the first tattoo on his body.
    • “I was 18 when a friend of mine got a tattoo of his girlfriend ‘s name. The whole night  I was thinking who do I love the most and the next day  I got my brother’s name tattoo inked”.
    • The tattoo on his back, “PARAM-SAT” has originated from his parents’ names Paramjit(param)and Satish(sat). The main Parmish Varma's tattoomotive behind this tattoo is to thank his parents for their constant love and support since childhood.
    • The singer-actor has Inked “BELIEVE” on his right biceps. In an interview when asked about the meaning of this tattoo, he said-‘his strengths are his beliefs’.
    • Parmish has a poem phrase inked from the book-“Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening” by Robert Frost’s that words as “AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP”  on the right side of his midriff. These phrases portrait his dedication to achieving new heights in his carrier.
    Parmish Verma's Niece
    Parmish Verma’s Niece



    He has been alleged of copying the stories of the songs of other genres and using them in his Punjabi video. Once a video titled “Parmish Verma Exposed” was released by Jagbani TV displaying videos of Parmish Verma alongside the video from which he has copied.


    On 13 April 2018, he and his friend Laadi were chased and then shot by 4-5 unknown attackers at around 12:30 am when he was returning from a show in Delhi at the sector91 of Mohali.

    Fortunately for Parmish and his friend, the attackers missed their gunshots as hits on their knees. Then they were rushed to the Fortis Hospital. After a short period, he shared an emotional post on Facebook, thanking God and his fans for their prayers.

    After this incident gangster, Dilpreet Singh Dhahan took the responsibility for the attack by posting a message on his Facebook account. On 15 April 2018, the Haryana police another suspected attacker from the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.

    Sharry Maan

    Sherry Mann who is a famous Punjabi singer has a lot of fans. he is a friend of Parmesh Verma. He went to Parmesh Verma’s wedding. but due to tight security there, all the guests had to submit their phones.

    Sherry Mann was one of them, Sherry Mann was very angry about this and he came back soon. on his way back, he hurled insults at Parmesh Verma live from his Instagram.

    The only answer Parmesh Varma said was that at my wedding my friend Sherry gave me a great gift.

    Social Networking Accounts

    Twitter parmishverma
    Mobile No. 098156 61343
    Gmail [email protected]
    Parmish Verma with his wife (Geet Grewal)
    Parmish Verma with his wife (Geet Grewal)
    Parmish Verma with his wife (Geet Grewal)

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