Sidhu Moose Wala Biography, Net Worth, Controversies & Interesting Facts

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu aka Sidhu moose wala was a Punjabi lyricist, singer, actor and politician. He belongs to village Moosa, under district Mansa, Punjab, India. He was known for narrative songs about his personal life, that have received widespread media coverage.

He broke many records in the Punjabi music industry. Sidhu was named by THE GUARDIAN among the 50 new Artiest.

Each of his songs tops the trending list of India YouTube as well as worldwide up to 7-8 countries.

On 29 May 2022, Sidhu had killed by gangsters, with automatic weapons, in his black Thar at village Jawaharke of district Mansa.

Full nameSubhdeep Singh Sidhu
ParentsBalkaur Singh Sidhu (Bhola)(father), Charanjeet Kaur (mother) and Jaswant Kaur (Grandmother)
Born11 June 1993 (Age 28 years)
Moosa, Mansa, Punjab
Music masterHarwinder Bittu
Education12th (Non-medical) from Vidiya Bharti School, Mansa
B.Tech in Electrical Engg. from Guru Nanak College, Ludhiana
OccupationsLyricist, Singer, Actor
Net worth 120 Million INR. (approximate) or
$16,77,946.08 USD
LabelsSidhu Moose Wala, Humble Music, T-series, Jattlife Studios
YRF, Juke Dock, White Hill Music, Lavish Squad Entertainment & Sony Music India
Contact No. +91 9014000082
Social AccountsFacebook -SidhuMooseWala
Instagram - sidhu_moosewala
Twitter - sidhumoosewala
YouTube Channel – Sidhu Moose Wala
Height6 Feet 1 inch
Weight82 Kg
RumoursSome peoples say Sidhu is marriedSidhu Moose wala wife pic He made it clear that the picture was about the time of the shooting
Debut Careerlicense by Ninja & G Wagon Himself
SongsAbout 90 in 2 years
MovieYes, I Am Student (Coming Soon)
AwardsBritAsia Music Awards
sidhu moosewala offical logo
sidhu moosewala offical logo


Sidhu Moose Wala Family
Sidhu’s parents

He was born on 11 June 1993 in the village of Moosa (Mussa), Mansa, Punjab.
His father’s name is Balkaur Singh urf Bhola Singh Sidhu and his mother’s name is Charan Kaur Sidhu. his Grandmother’s name is Jaswant Kaur.

Debut & Career

Licence | Ninja | Sidhu Moosewala | Speed Records
Licence | Ninja | Sidhu Moosewala | Speed Records

On 23 July 2016, he started his career as a lyricist. His first song was License which was sung by Ninja.

He started his journey singing career with a duet song titled “G Wagon” in 2017.

live form on Dav college stage
He performed this singing on the platform of Dav College in a college organized fest.

After education, Sidhu moose ala moved to Canada for higher education and wondered he compose a song there, which was “G Wagon”.

Moving to the future, he started singing to performing the live show, correspondingly he got tremendous fame the singing in India. He began singing in India in 2018.

Moreover, he with many live concerts shows and successfully achieve a response. In 2018, he launched his first song album “Dollar” for the film ‘Dakuyan Da Munda‘.

dollar | Sidhu Moosewala | Dakuyan Da Munda
dollar | Sidhu Moosewala | Dakuyan Da Munda

Moose wala is also famous for his rivalry with Karan Aujla, both have been replying to each other through their songs.

Sidhu moose ala was a close friend of Karan Aujla but a war of words began between the two when deep Jandu leaked Sidhu’s songs before they were officially recorded.

Sidhu replies to Deep Jandu but Karn Aujla is Deep Jandu Friend so Karn replies to Sidhu. 

In 2018, Karan tried to defame Sidhu by releasing the song ‘Up & Downs’ along with Deep Jandu and lafaafe with Sanam Bhullar.

Moose ala responded to it by releasing his song ‘Warning shots‘ which pointed towards Karan. After that, they both released many songs in which both replied to each other.

His Film

Yes I Am Student

Sidhu was making his debut in Punjabi Film Industry with the film titled “Yes I Am Student” under his own production company Jatt Life Studios. The film is directed by Taranvir SinghJagpal, and written by Gill Raunta.

Yes I Am a Student Poster I Source – Facebook

Moosa Jatt

The shoot of Sidhu’s second movie Moosa Jatt has also been completed.

Moosa jatt (movie) ban in India – Sidhu Musa Wala and Savitaj Brar’s first movie ‘Moosa Jatt’ which was to be released on October 1 has been banned by the Central Board of Film Certification (India) although the film has been released in countries like Canada, the USA and Australia. 

The whole team is saying that the movie has been banned by the Indian government because it was about the rights of the farmers.

Sidhu Moose Wala Net Worth

Sidhu moose wala’s net worth is estimated at 20 crore INR (Close to $3 million USD). He charges 15-18 lakh INR for an event or show.

Sidhu moose wala also invested money into agriculture. He has also some business in Canada.

Sidhu moose wala also earn money from 5911 tractor companies because people started after he mentioned it in his songs.

How did Sidhu Moose wala become Lyricist?

Sidhu never wanted to write lyricist, he wanted to sing.

In his story mentioned, how he went to a Lyricist’s house in Chandigarh and that lyricist called him to his village as the song wasn’t ready

When Sidhu reached his village he didn’t welcome Sidhu & and that very day (it was raining) Sidhu got wet he said “ I was literally weeping and that very day he decided never to sing someone else song “ and thus the story began (totally true no Cap).

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Then he started to write (2015-16). Sidhu Wrote firstly a Sad Song, “Meri Jindgyi Da Tu A Armaan Sohneya“.


Join Politics

on 5 Dec 2021, Sidhu Moose wala joined Indian National Congress. due to this step, near about 1 lakh his fan unfollow him on Instagram. The special big reason for their unfollowing of Sidhu is that they did not like the Congress party because it did a lot of oppression on Sikhs in 1984.

Sidhu Moose wala with Rahul Gandhi (President of INC), Navjot Sidhu and Amrinder Singh Raja Warring
Sidhu Moose wala with Rahul Gandhi (President of INC), Navjot Singh Sidhu and Amrinder Singh Raja Warring

Moosa Jatt Banned in India

Moosa jatt (movie) ban in India – Sidhu Musa Wala and Savitaj Brar’s first movie ‘Moosa Jatt’ which was to be released on October 1 has been banned by the Central Board of Film Certification (India) although the film has been released in countries like Canada, the USA and Australia. 

The whole team is saying that the movie has been banned by the Indian government because it was about the rights of the farmers.

With Ruldu Singh Mansa:-

Ruldu Singh Mansa is Punjab (state) president of Barti Kisan Union (Dakoda). He is a hardworking and resilient leader who has spent the last 40 years of his life accounting for the rights of farmers and workers.

Well now let’s talk about the mutual wisdom secrets, When Sidhu Moosa Wala reached the Mansa railway line to join the protest organized by Ruldu Singh Mansa, no good treatment was meted out to him.

There, Sidhu was called Nachaar, the drummer, which hurt Sidhu’s heart. Sidhu later exposed the incident to the public way of Instagram.

When Ruldu Singh Mansa was asked to do so, Ruldu said that Sidhu staged his protest on September 25 infect we are also protesting that day, He should have joined us in the protest that day. Ruldu Singh accused Sidhu of trying to thwart our protest.

On the other hand, when Sidhu was asked why he protested on the same day, he said that Ruldu Singh would not allow us to speak on the mic so I had to do so.

Only time will tell who is right and who is wrong.


Daily Post Punjabi (News Channel) channel interviewed the people of Sidhu’s village, in which Sidhu’s opponents accused him of drinking alcohol and playing loud music in the village.

The video title on Youtube is “ਸਿੱਧੂ ਮੂਸੇਵਾਲੇ ਨੇ ਆਪਣੇ ਹੀ ਪਿੰਡ ਵਾਲਿਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਕੀਤਾ ਦੁਖੀ, ਲੋਕਾਂ ਕੱਢੀ ਭੜਾਸ, ਤੁਸੀਂ ਖੁਦ ਸੁਣ ਲਓ”. Sidhu replied to opponents on Instagram with a post that, Sidhu also said that his neighbours are not happy with the progress.

Sidhu goes to the Golden Temple to pay obeisance. Where media men asked stupid questions even miss behalf of him.

Song Leaked:- 

Sidhu’s 12 songs leaked, That’s why Sidhu released the new album Snitches Get Stitches in a hurry.

Many of Sidhu’s songs have been leaked before, such as when Sidhu started his career, his first song G-wagon was also leaked, along with 9 other full songs of Sidhu.

With BygBird And Sunny Malton:-

BygBird and Sunny Malton (Both music directors) blamed Sidhu, for payment of a song (My Block, Etc). Sidhu Moose wala clarified this on Instagram live. Also said, Byg Bird and Sunny Malton leaked his songs G.O.A.T and B-Town songs video leaked.

With NRIs:-

Sidhu released a song regarding COVID-19, GWACHEYA GURBAKASH. It has been heavily criticized by the NRIs. Actually, Baldev Singh (NRI) was mentioned in this song, They came from Italy and were COVID-19 positive.

Coronavirus disease is widely spread in Punjab due to his unknown intentions to spread it.

With Kanwar Grewal (Best Friend):-

Sidhu Moose Wala‘s friend has leaked his 3 songs. He made a statement that we did this because Sidhu had betrayed us, though Sidhu did not respond.

Songs name El Chappo, Kill-Shot and Barood. All of these songs were leaked to Kanwar Grewal & Jagtar Musa‘s YouTube channel Folk mafia.

With Babbu Maan:-

Babu Mann and Sidhu Musewala had the competition to gather more audience in the Dirbe Kabbadi cup 2020, You can watch Sidhu’s audience from the video below –

In August 2020, Babbu Maan released his song Adab Punjabi, In this song, he targets Sidhu moose wala. Babbu Maan’s song reached no. #1 trending on Youtube, Next Sidhu’s new song “My Block” was released.

My Block competed with Adab Punjabi after that Babu’s fans threatened Sidhu by calling his show inquiry number and also made bad comments on Sidhu’s Instagram.

Sidhu told Babbu Maan directly on his Instagram live that even if he continues to conspire like this, the result will be very bad. You must watch this Instagram live –

With Sippy Gill, Karan Aujla, Preet Harpal, Jass Manak:-

He replies to Sippy Gill, Karan Aujla, Preet Harpal, Jass Manak & other Punjabi Singers during a live show, He also said that this was his last reply, he was not free to reply to everyone.

These singers are always targeted at Sidhu in his live shows or in songs.

His controversy with Jass Manak(Punjabi singer) And Geet Mp3( music Company). its controversy started when the Sikander-2 movie was released.

Sidhu Moose Wala gives the title song, but the company also takes a song from Karn-Aujla. Sidhu takes back his song, and copyright case against Geet MP3.

Also, Geet Mp3 case filed a copyright case against Sidhu. Sidhu Always Said Cheat Mp3 in his live shows.

sidhu moosewala offical logo
Sidhu moosewala official logo

A Song (Jatti Jeone Mour V..) criticised by Sikh Community:-

Controversy about his Song ‘Jatti Jeone Mour Vargi‘. in that song he takes the name of Mata Bhago Ji so, Sidhu faced a lot of criticism from the Sikh Community.

He also apologized for that on living his Instagram account.

With Karan Aujla:-

The controversy between Sidhu Moose Wala And Karan Aujla for a long time. They reply to each other for a long time through there songs.

The first Aujla sang the song ‘Liffafe‘ and Then reply to Karan with his song ‘Warning Shot’ Then the Cold war is started, and they reply to each other from time to time.

Karan Aujla’s song Haan Haige Aa, also be a part of a controversy with Sidhu, because Sidhu’s tractor HMT  5911, written on Bumper that “Hai Koe Hor” it is said that Karan Aujla said in his reply “Ha Haige Aa“. 

That day  Karan released that song,  Sidhu released the poster of his Song Doctor on a demand that he released poster when  1 million comments on his post.

Sidhu Moosewala Childhood Picture
Sidhu Moosewala Childhood Picture in his School

With Pandit Rao And Gurjant Singh:-

Sidhu Controversy with pandit RaoPandit Rao is a professor of literature. He had started a movement for Punjabi Maa Boli, and against whose people which polluted it.

He had targeted Sidhu Moose Wala for his violent songs.

Pandit Rao also came to Sidhu’s Home and met with his parents.  Sidhu replies to him through his song.

Sidhu Controversy with Gurjant Singh. Gurjant Singh is a social worker. he always lives on Facebook/Instagram and gives statements against the Punjabi singers. Gurjant Singh and Sidhu Controversy also had taken a long period. 

With Deep Jandu:-

In the early stages, many songs of Sidhu were leaked, It was alleged by Sidhu on Deep Jandu. That’s why, Deep also target Sidhu, in his many songs and vice-versa.

Police Cases

  1. Recently, A criminal case against Sidhu, FIR n0. 57 dated 4.5.2020 under section 188 IPC and section 51 of the disaster management Act, has been registered at Police Station Dhanaula, District Barnala, Punjab. In this case, also 5 policemen were suspended. Because they allow a fire to Sidhu of AK-47. after a few days addition of section 25, 30 of the arms act in the FIR. It became a non-bailable offence. Also, police raids to arrest the accused. But Sidhu was absconding and police have so far failed to find him.
  2. A police case was registered against Sidhu Moose wala and Mankirt Aulakh (Punjabi Singer) for allegedly promoting violence and gun culture on social media. Dated 1.2.2020 cases registered under sections 294, 504, and 149 of the IPC.

I have no information about the case against Sidhu in Canada.

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Sidhu moose Wala like & dislike

  1.  Sidhu is phone addictive. He is daily active on Instagram/Snapchat. 
  2. Sidhu likes too many fast cars. he likes Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG, Bugatti, Frari. He too much loves his Range Rover.
  3. Sidhu Likes to play Volleyball. Also, Sidhu loves kabaddi.


  1. He loves his family too much.
  2. He does not like to receive any Awards.
  3. He’s very fond of keeping guns.
  4. Mandy Takkar is his favourite actress.

Car’s Collection

He also has a Range Rover, a Fortuner, a Swift Desire, a Bullet, and an Activa. A Vintage car was gifted to Sidhu, from his Fan. (His fan from Sirsa).

Sidhu Moose Wala Cars Collections
Sidhu Moose Wala Cars Collections

Interesting Facts About Sidhu Moose Wala

  1. Do You know That How many brothers/sisters of Sidhu Moose Wala?
    Ans. No-One, He is the only son of his parents. 
  2. Do You Know how is Sidhu Moose Wala’s Nature?
    Ans. Sidhu has Down to earth nature.


Sidhu Moosewala at home
Sidhu Moosewala at home
  1. Do You Know Sidhu Moose Wala is only a Punjabi singer, whose song ‘47‘ is on the Billboard Chart of London?
  2. Do You Know Sidhu Moose Wala only Punjabi Singer, Whose Song Legend off the peg in the Apple Watch?
  3. Do You Know that Sidhu Moose Wala’s mother is the Sarpanch of his Village?
  4. He’s the only singer who has leaked more than 9 songs a month, All his songs were hit.
  5. Most of them are fond of writing song lyrics at night.
  6. He inked a tattoo on his right arm.
Sidhu Moose wala tattoo
Sidhu Moose Wala
  1. He is average in his studies. he was got marks between 60-70 all the time.
  2. He holds a cancer check-up camp in the village every year in memory of his late grandmother Jaswant Kaur.
  3. Now Sidhu Moose Wala is working on his Movie “YES I AM STUDENT‘. Fan waiting for this movie.
  4. Sidhu Moosewala’s song so high crossed 234 million on youtube.
  5. Sidhu Moose Wala the first interview on Prime Asia Tv.
  6. On Sidhu’s Birthday, he cut above 1500 birthday cakes and made a record. Also, his fans cut cakes from a different-different places like Pakistan.
  7. One and only Sidhu Moose wala a Punjabi singer which sings a song (47) in Hollywood. Sidhu had the highest number of shows in Punjabi Singers in 2019.
  8. He made his own slogan for farmer protest, the title is Naujawan Kisan Ekta. He conveyed the message to the youth that we should take part in this movement and raise our voices for our rights
Sidhu Moose Wala New Slogan | Naujawan Kisan Ekta | Source - Facebook
Sidhu Moose Wala New Slogan | Naujawan Kisan Ekta | Source – Facebook

Social Networking Accounts

Facebook SidhuMooseWala
Youtube ChannelSidhu Moose Wala
Email (For Booking)[email protected]
Mobile No.(For Booking)+91 9014000082

Popular Songs of Sidhu Moose Wala

The following songs are the most popular songs of Sidhu moose wala according to Gaana App.

  1. Same Beef
  2. So High
  3. Bai Bai
  4. Old Skool
  5. BAD
  6. Game

Due to the length of this article, another article has been written for the discography of Sidhu Musa Wala, the link of which is given below.

Sidhu Moose wala Discography link – Click here


On 29 May 2022, Sidhu had killed by gangsters, with automatic weapons, in his black Thar at village Jawaharke of district Mansa.

Near around 4:30 pm, Sidhu left his house with his friend Gurpreet Singh and neighbour Gurwinder Singh. Sidhu was driving his black Mahindra Thar, and his father was following him in a separate car.

When the Thar reached the village Jawaharke, two other cars intercepted and blocked it. The volley of gunshots fired during the incident injured all the three people in the car. He was brought dead to the Civil Hospital in Mansa.

Moose Wala was among the 424 people, whose police security was reduced or entirely removed the day before, in preparation for the anniversary of Operation Blue Star, leaving him with two commandos only, as compared to four earlier.

At the time of the incident, Moose Wala was travelling in his private car accompanied by two others instead of his bullet-proof vehicle and the police commandos.

Gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Satinder Singh aka Goldie Brar have claimed responsibility for Sidhu’s death.”We avenge the murder of our brother Vicky Midukhera,” they said in a post on his social media.

CM ordered an investigation into why Moose Wala’s security was reduced by the Punjab police two days prior. Bhagwant Mann announced the setting up of a judicial commission headed by a sitting judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court to investigate the killing.

Police found bullets from an AN-94 Russian assault rifle and a pistol at the spot of the killing. Police have detained six suspects in the incident from the state of Uttarakhand.


  • Social Media
  • Interview with his kith & Kins.
  • Some Interviews link – Interview on a Youtube Channel first interview on Prime Asia Tv – Link

Here was all the information about Sidhu Moosewala that we could gather. If you want to know more about him, then go ahead and follow him on the above social platforms of Sidhu Moosewala.

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