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Sukha kahlon was considered as the most eminent gangster of Punjab in the period of 15 years from 2000 to 2015. A cluster of people knows him because of his shooting skills and he is also known as a sharpshooter.

He was involved in more than 60 criminal activities such as murder cases, robberies, gang wars and many more. 48 cases were registered against Sukha. He was killed by Vicky Gonder gang on 20th of January in 2015 in Phagwara while he was in the police custody and his killers danced in front of police after his death.

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A film, shooter on Sukha Kahlon’s life was facing a lot of controversies before release however that movie banned in Punjab by Capt. Amarinder Singh, because of a lot of violence promoting.

Sukha Kahlon
Sukha Kahlon


Full name Late Sukhveer Singh Kahlwan(1987-2015)
Born 21 june,1987 in village kahlwan in distt. kapurthala, India at the home of Sr.Sudharshan Singh and Sardarni Harjinder kaur which belong to sikh religion.
Died 21 january,2015
(aged 28)
Phagwara, Punjab
Cause of death gunshot(around 100 bullets were founded in his dead body)
Total Cases 48 include murder, kidnapping and robberies
Qualification BA Drop out
Known for gangster, Robber,contract-killer and one of the best shooters of his time
Marital Status He was married to his girlfriend in 11 october 2008 and got divorced in 18 december, 2014.
Siblings Sonu kahlwan is his elder brother.
Land Ownership 150 acres
Hobbies Gyming and shooting
Habbits He is fond of weapons,Smoking, Drinking and very helpful person by nature.
Sukha's friends
Sukha’s friends

Sukha Kahlon’s group members

  1. Lawrence Bishnoi
  2. Jaggu Bhagwanpuria
  3. Preet Phagwara
  4. Kali Shooter
  5. Diljeet Bhana(best friend)
  6. Sonu Kangla
  7. Inder Sran
  8. and Anmol Bishnoi

Sukha Kahlon life story

His parents had moved to the USA and left him with his brother Sonu, India. He was just 17 years old when he was accused by someone that’s the reason he could not move to any other country.

Sukha Kahlon's dad
Sukha Kahlon’s dad was interviewed by a group of media teams.

In the absence of proper guidance, he chooses the wrong path and as a result, he becomes a gangster and more than a dozen murder cases were registered against Sukha Kahlon. Due to his continued vulgar activities, he was well known in Punjab Haryana, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

Sukha kahlon under police custody
Sukha kahlon under police custody

He was married to his girlfriend on 11 Oct 2008 and moved to Australia with her wife. He started his career as a cab driver over there but due to some misunderstandings with his wife, he got divorced on 14 Jan 2014. Sukha used to say that his wife was an affair with someone else so he divorced.

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After his divorce, he came to Punjab and fall in the bad company again.

In 2008, Sukha murdered Lovely Baba in the gym (Gogi Ki Gym) of Vidipur village (Jalandhar). Lovely Baba was Vicky Gounder buddy, So, Gounder and his Henchmen take an oath to kill Sukha Kahlon.

Sukha was killed in the police custody by a gang which was headed by Vicky Gonder. They danced in front of policemen after Sukha Kahlon’s death.

Sukha Kahlon's funeral
Sukha Kahlon’s funeral

Sukha Kahlon’s interesting Facts

  • He started his criminal activities at the age of 17 years.
  • His Parents American citizens, And Sukha had land above 150 acres.
  • He was always ready to help his friends.
  • He was married to his girlfriend. But some personal issues, They got divorced.Sukha Kahlon Girlfriend
  • He was active on Facebook even in the cell. He uploads a lot of violent content on his page.
  • Diljeet Bhana was his buddy!!!!
  • His followers were above 16k in 2013 on his Facebook page.
  • Shooter the film is going to release in upcoming months which was entirely based on Sukha kahlon’s life and is a piece of controversy nowadays.
Shooter punjabi movie pic
Shooter Punjabi movie pic
  • Vicky Gonder who was once his friend, killed him to take revenge for his brother’s murder.
Sukha Kahlon vs Vicky Gonder
Sukha Kahlon vs Vicky Gonder

About Movie Shooter

The shooter is a Punjabi movie based on Sukha Kahlon’s life story. The film released theatrically on 21 February 2020. The movie was supposed to be released in both Punjab and Haryana, but the Punjab government banned the film, as it showed a lot of violence.

Jay Randhawa gives that statement. the movie will be realised in Punjab after Curfew. Apart from Jay Randhawa Vadda Grewal is also part of the movie.

Shooter movie leaked, recently. it available on Telegram and other social platforms.

Sources-social media and personal interviews with his kith and kin.

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