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Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar was the co-leader of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) a Sikh militant organization involved in the pursuit of creating a theocratic Sikh nation they call “Khalistan” and found responsible for the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182.

He commanded BKI continuously for 14 years until he was killed in 1992.

Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar

His place in Sikh history in the line of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Nawab Kapur Singh, Sultan-ul-Qaum S. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, and Baba Baghel Singh.

The Sikh community considers him a great warrior, and the Indian government considered him a terrorist.

Short Bio

Full NameJathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar
Born9 August 1955
Dhassuwal, Patti, Amritsar, India
dead9 August 1992 (aged 37)
Patiala, Punjab, India
OccupationHead Of Babbar Khalsa International
OrganizationBabbar Khalsa International
MovementKhalistan movement
Parent(s)Jind Singh and Harnam Kaur
SpouseBibi Sukhwant Kaur
ChildrenGajinder Singh, Tajinder Singh and Amritpal Kaur
SibblingsBhai Mahal SIngh, Angrej Singh, & Bibi Ajeet (Jeet) Kaur
Land Holder18 Acre

Born & Family

Sukhdev Singh Dasuwal was born on 9 August 1955 to Jind Singh and Harnam Kaur in the village of Dassuwal, Patti, Amritsar, Punjab, India. He studied up to the middle school level.

In the course of his total life span of 37 years, that great warrior performed such deeds that his name was written in golden letters in Sikh history. Magazines like India Today write that Bai Sukhdev Singh was the most prominent fighter from Babbar.

Jathedar Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar’s sister Bibi Ajeet (Jeet) Kaur

He had three brothers and a sister. His elder brother, Mehal Singh “Babbar” was also an active leader of Babar Khalsa International. 

The older brother of all three, Angrej Singh, is blind. The second brother, S. Mahil Singh was in the Air Force. His family owned 18 acres of land in the village of Dassuwal.

The wives of Sukhdev Singh Babbar and Mehal Singh Babbar are sisters who belonged to the adjoining village of Ghariala.

From childhood, his habits were different. Someday he played Kabaddi and also do exercises for making his body fit. Parents and siblings should enjoy these things. He became a sniper by practising shooting.

Bhai Sukhdev Singh his family

Forming Of Babbar Khalsa

Bhai Sukhdev Singh, a young man of 20 years, had a love of Sikhism in his mind. He liked to adhere to the principles of Gurmat and propagate the Sikh ideology. His Sangat also became associated with such Panthic pain-filled Gursikhs.

In 1976, Sukhdev Singh met Bhai Fauja Singh, who was keen to fight against the enemies of religion. He was greatly impressed by the life of Bhai Fauja Singh. Bhai Foaj Singh started his activities by forming ‘Dusht Maru Khalsa Dal’ to reform the Panth Dokhs.

This organization clashed with the enemies of Sikhism in many places, as a result of which Bhai Sahib was arrested and even imprisoned, but he never spared those who insulted Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

the day of the Sikh–Nirankari clashes (13 April 1978) was also the day when his marriage was fixed. On this day, he took the pledge to take revenge on the Nirankaris. In this Clash Bhai Foja Singh killed by Nirankaris. This incident had a profound effect on his heart.

He founded the organization Babar Khalsa International along with Talwinder Singh Parmar with the objective to secede from India and form the state of Khalistan for Sikhs.

Sukhdev Singh Babbar was the president of the Babbar Khalsa International. It was considered as the best armed and funded among the Khalistani militant groups in Punjab State with an objective to create an independent state for Sikhs, known as Khalistan. 

During the Khalistaan Movement, Sukhdev Singh Babbar was a militant chief of Babbar Khalsa International.


On August 9 1992, it was reported in the newspapers that Bhai Sukhdev Singh, head of the Babbar Khalsa International, had been killed in the encounter.

According to the newspaper, on the Dehlon-Sahnewal road at around 5 am, a Maruti car coming from Dehlon was signaled to stop near canal near village Dharaur, after which two youths ran away and opened fire on the police.

Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar

Thus the police encounter started and when the firing stopped, the body of a 35-36 year old man was found. The diary found in his pocket identified him as Bhai Sukhdev Singh Dasuwal.

According to KPS Gill, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar was responsible for 1000 murders and had Rs 25 lakh on his head. KPS Gill had claimed that he was planning to commit a major crime during the bhog of Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar and Bhai Gurjant Singh Budh Singh Wala.

According to another sources, KPS Gill has told a blatant lie while the truth is different. In the eyes of the government, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar lived in Pakistan when in fact he lived in a house called Urban Estate, Phase No. 1, Patiala and house No. 20 White House in the area. Bhai Sahib’s other house in Patiala was house No. 9, 54-C, Model Town, which was bought for the needs of the struggle.

Police often searched the area. The house was routinely searched several times. Little did anyone realize that the contractor living in the house, Jasmer Singh, son of Daler Singh, was in fact Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar.

He had bought the plot in the name of his comrade Bibi Jawahar Kaur in 1988 and had built a house in 1989. As a contractor, he worked for PWD. He also used to meet the officials of the department. He did all this in order to diminish the needs of the guerrilla life in the eyes of the government.

The system he had set up was so successful that he was caught by the police once after an accident in Chandigarh and he remained locked up in the police station for one night, but in the end the police became convinced that he was a contractor from Patiala.

Acording to source, the night of August 8, 1992, the Ludhiana police arrived in Patiala on a tip-off and arrested Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar and took him away. Bhai Sukhdev Singh was brutally tortured by Police. he was tortured to death and then a police encounter was staged.

A guerrilla walks around with his name and address in his pocket? Who was the second Singh to run away from Maruti, and why hasn’t he spoken since then? In fact, the other Singh is rumored because Bhai Sukhdev Singh was arrested near Patiala.

After Death

After the death of Babbar, his followers killed policemen in retaliation.

After the death of Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar, his daughter said with great patience that I am proud to be the daughter of Bhai Sukhdev Singh. Bhai Sahib’s daughter said that I don’t even remember the shape of my father but when people say that I am the daughter of Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar and our house is ‘Babbar’s house’ then I feel very good.

Jathedar Sukhdev Singh’s house

On August 18, the last prayer in Bhai Sahib’s memory. olice and CRPF have been deployed at Patti, Jhabbal, Valtoha, Bhikhiwind etc. for a distance of 3-35 km around Dasuwal. The deployment created panic among the people.

After his death his family members left their home and moved abroad. A major portion of his ancestral house of the Babbar Khalsa chief now stands demolished and the remaining dilapidated two-room set is locked.

Interesting Facts About Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar

  1. Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar was the co-leader of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI).
  2. He commanded BKI continuously for 14 years until he was killed in 1992.
  3. He lived a guerrilla life and the police did not know his whereabouts until the end.
  4. He studied up to the middle school level.
  5. Magazines like ‘India Today’ did not write that Bai Sukhdev Singh Babbar was the most prominent militant since 1971.
  6. He became a Singh in his childhood. he started studying Sastra at an early age and became a skilled sniper.
  7. He eliminated the enemies of the Sikh community in his lifetime and avenged the demise of the Sri Akal Takht Sahib. according to K.P.S gill, Jathedar Sukhdev Singh killed above 1000 person, in this list 200 Plus Nirnkaries. A reward of Rs 25 lakh from the government was on his head.
  8. Jathedar Sukhdev Singh was very fond of reading books, most of written by Bhai Randhir Singh’s Book “Jail Chitiyan“.


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