Tarapal or Tara Biography, Age, Videos, 7 facts

Tarapal is a Punjabi Singer, Writer, Model, Comedian, also a farmer. Especially since Tara’s unique singing in which he mentions the rural culture of Punjab in Pure (Desi) Punjabi like, people, give him a lot of love.

Many of his writings are of this kind, which, when heard, make it difficult to control laughter.

Also there, his writings show the pain of Punjab, which has a profound effect on our thinking.  His many song clips are viral like Shaktimaan. Recently he released Shaktimaan song on his official youtube channel TARAPAL.


He debuts his career in singing with his first song Chandigarh Holliya in 2015. Tarapal Also works in many song videos as a lead model as well as co-artiest.

He plays a lead model role in a song video TERE PIND GAYI SA VEERA by Harbhajan Mann, DO YOU REMEMBERED song of Jordan Sandhu.

Recently he plays the apprehensive role in Song TIBEYAN DA PUTT by Sidhu Moosewala. After this song, he got a lot of fame.


He was born on 13 august 1993 at Ghragna, Mansa, Punjab. He is 27 years old in 2020. His full name is Avtar Singh Dhillon.  His father is a farmer. Amandeep Singh is his cousin.

He has done his metric from his village government school. After that, he has done his graduation from Nehru Memorial College, Mansa.

After his graduation, he going to Punjabi University Patiala for post-graduation. Currently, he doing the study at Punjabi University Patiala.


He had a passion for writing and singing songs from childhood. He had performed at school events in his schooling time, Also the same at college and University.

We have already discussed his debut career. currently, Tarapal releases a new song soon.

Tarapal will be seen as a model in Gulab Sidhu’s song.

Interesting Facts About Tarapal

  • One of his specialities is that he writes songs or poetry on the spot.
  • He adds always “Pal” suffix with the name of each item or any other name, such as ‘Endpal’, ‘manjapaal’, etc. Many peoples started to copy him.
  • He is mostly active on Instagram.
  • His height is 5’11”.
  • His hobby to read literature. His favourite books is Mala-Manke by Narinder Kapoor, And Rani Tatt by Harman.
  • His favourite quote is ਤੇਰਾ ਭਾਣਾ ਮੀਠਾ ਲਾਗੈ. Some amazing quotes by Tara.
  • He also participated in many drama programs at the university.

Social Networking Accounts

Instagram – tarapaal

Tik-Tok – tarapal

Facebook –  Tara

Twitter –  He has No Account on Twiter

Source – Social media and Interviews with his Kith and kin.

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