The Kidd Biography, Age, Career, And Interesting Facts

Welcome back, today; we will discuss all the famous music composer The Kidd, whose real name is Gagandeep Singh. I will enlighten you with information about his personal life, career, family, girlfriend, Important facts, Favourites and much more. Now without wasting any more time, let’s start.

Born and Family

Kidd was born in 1999 to a Sikh family at village Maheru, near Jalandhar, Punjab. His parents Satnam Singh and Onkar Kaur confirmed that he had a good education.

The Kidd
The Kidd (source via The Kidd)

A mechanical engineering student, Gagandeep holds a bachelor’s degree from Punjabi University, Patiala. Since his first release, this talented young composer has hit several blockbusters in the industry so far.

Personal Information

Real Name Gagandeep Singh
Born 1999
Birthplace Maheru near Jalandher, Punjab, India
Height 5′ 7” or 170cm
School Unknown
College Punjabi University, Patiala
Qualification Mechanical Engineer
Father Name Satnam Singh
Mother Name Onkar Kaur
Siblings Sister
Occupation(s) Music Producer
Year Active 2016- Present
Contact [email protected]

+91 73475 46131

Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 7” or 170cm
Weight 70 Kg
Body Type Slim
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Fair Brown


Actor Robert Downey, Jr.
Actress Unknown
Male Singer Sukshinder Shinda, 2pac
Female Singer Unknown
Colour Blue
Sports Football
Food Rajma Dish
Destination Dubai


The Kidd composed the first music of the song “Black Veere” sung by Zaildar on 19 Aug 2018.

The Kidd composed the first music "Black Veera"
The Kidd composed the first music “Black Veera”

Gagandeep, widely known as “The Kidd” among the people, recently produced the music “CLASH” and “HABIT” on singer Diljit’s famous music album “GOAT” and asked about his experience in working.

“I was busy on the day when I received a call for a song from Diljit Dosan’s manager regarding their latest album. I didn’t waste my time and immediately received two projects with the album I talked to.

Kidd’s career began to reach new heights after the popular renowned singer, and lyricist Sidhu Moose Wala collaborated with him on the songs “Chosen” and “Legend” in 2019.

The song received plenty of compliments from fans and was watched by millions of listeners around the world.

Various social media platforms. Since the two hits, Kid has composed songs such as ‘Poison, ‘Dear Mama’, ‘Tibeyan Da Putt’, ‘Dhakka’, ‘Doctor’, ‘Sanju’ etc., sung by Moose Wala.

The Kidd with Sidhu Moose wala During the Shooting Of Doctor Song (Source Via The Kidd)
The Kidd with Sidhu Moose wala During the Shooting Of Doctor Song (Source Via The Kidd)

The Kidd has been successful in producing music by leading artists in the Punjabi music industry, including Singga, Nimrat Khaira, Akay, Prem Dhillon R-Nait and Varinder Brar.

Currently, he is working hard on music for singers Gurnam Bhullar and Bani Sandhu for future projects. After establishing his position as a great music composer, the kid is working hard to make his first Bollywood debut.

Song List (Hits)

Year Title Singer
2020 Cadillac Sabi Bhinder
2020 Roti Sidhu Moose Wala
2020 Dear Mama Sidhu Moose Wala
2020 Mere 22 Varinder Brar
2020 Vintage Caran Ekam Sudhar
2020 Waliyan Shivjot Singh
2020 Kilometer R Nait
2020 Paapi Rangrez Sidhu
2020 Sanju Sidhu Moose Wala
2020 Doctor Sidhu Moose Wala
2020 Waalian Harnoor
2020 CLASH Diljit Dosanjh
2020 2 Ghore Baani Sandhu
2020 Zindagi Rangrez Sidhu
2020 Jatt Disde Arjan Dhillon
2021 Beimaan Delhi Rangrez Sidhu
2021 Confession Sabi Bhinder
2021 Muchha Wale Varinder Brar
2021 Gabhru Rangrez Sidhu
2021 Surma Bole Himanshi Khurana
2021 5911 Jatinder Gagowal
2021 Majhe Wale Baani Sandhu
2021 Trophy Aman Jaluria
2021 Tora Fera Jass Maan
2021 Diff Life Romey Maan
2021 Jatt Naal Yaari Jordan Sandhu
2021 Rolex A Kay
2021 Mittran Nu Teji Grewal
2021 Do or Die Rangrez Sidhu
2021 Are You ok Harpinder Gill
2021 2021 Varinder Brar
2021 Oh Pind Haarp Inder
2021 Fumble Ravneet Singh
2021 Bitch I’m Back Sidhu Moose Wala
2021 Burberry Sidhu Moose Wala

Important facts

  • He is the only music director who initiated this trend of putting the music maker’s name at the start of the song. You, too, have heard and realized this thing from his songs. He thinks that it is necessary to put the music maker’s name at the start of songs because otherwise, no one will ever know about them.

    The Kidd's Father (Satnam Singh)
    The Kidd’s Father (Satnam Singh)
  • Also, one of the interesting facts about his songs is ‘The Kidd in all of his songs is not sung by any rapper or singer but only he sings his name’.
  • He is too down to earth.
  • Gagandeep’s stage name as The KIDD was given by one of his friends. He had a fight with one of the music director, and the director said, ‘you are too young for this work’. His friend knew how passionate he was, and then this way, he got this name, The KIDD.
  • Even after such hits, no one knew the face of The KIDD., so that’s why Siddhu MooseWala decided to call The KIDD in between his concert in Washington and introduced him properly. Everyone there went so amazed and shocked.

    A Childhood time Photo Of The Kidd & His Mother
    A Childhood time Photo Of The Kidd & His Mother
  • Kidd started to make music at age 15.
  • He learnt vocals and Harmonium from his music teacher Preet Aheer. there his Instagram id mention @preet_aheer786.

Social Media Platforms


Photo Gallery

The Kidd

The Kidd


  • Facebook and Instagram.
  • Watching Interviews, Link here, 1, 2.
  • Interview with his kith and kin.

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