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Umebdra Dutt is a Spiritual Ecologist, founder and CEO of Kheti Virasat Mission. He is also a member of the ICAR (Indian Council Of Agriculture Research) Society. He has been working to conserve nature, soil, water and the environment since 1998 and in 2005 he founded the kheti Virasat Mission.

Since 2005 he has done so much work on organic farming in Punjab that hardly anyone who practices organic farming or understands organic farming does not know him. Learning from them, many people are practising organic farming today and teaching others.

Umendra Dutt

Since 2005, the Kheti Virasat Mission has worked on various issues such as soil health, organic Farming, crop residue management, water sanitation, climate change, tree planting, native seed production and millets, etc.

Basic Info

Full NameUmendra Dutt
Born10 December 1962
at Ferozepur Cantt, Punjab
AddressKheti Virasat Misson,
Rv Nagar, Jaito 151202
Faridkot, Punjab.
Father NameShri Har Dutt Sharma
Mother NameShrimati Mohini Devi Sharma
OccupationSocial Worker, Founder & CEO of KVM, Editor, Poet
Study (1966-1978)Kendriya Vidyala, New Delhi
Degree (1986)Master in Hindi (Punjab University)
Ex. Editor (1994-2002)Executive Editor in Swadeshi Patrika
Known ForPioneers of the ‘Organic Movement’ in Punjab
Contact[email protected]

Born & Family

Umendra Dutt was born on December 10, 1962, to Shri Hari Dutt Sharma in Ferozepur, Punjab. He belongs to a Hindu family. He did his metric from Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi in 1966-1978.

He hardly loves the Hindi language, so he did his master’s degree in Hindi.


From 1994-2002, Umendra Dutt worked in Swadeshi Patrika as an Executive Editor for 8 years.

Along with work, he had a great love for nature due to which he joined agriculture. In 1966, he started a campaign for organic farming, which later took the form of the Kheti Virasat Mission organization in 2005.

Since 2005, this organization has done a lot of work for the development of agriculture, for nature, today theKheti Virasat Mission has given such experts to the world who have connected thousands of other farmers with this campaign.

Also, they preserved their ancient seeds, Millets, worked on ancient cultures like Phulkari, Trijan etc. and gave employment to thousands of people.

You will get the complete information about the Kheti Virasat Mission from their official website ( because if I write here, the article will be very long.

Life Style

Umendra Dutt’s life is very simple, they wear handmade khadi clothes. They are connected with nature and eat food prepared under organic farming, they do Paath Puja every day.

They wake up early every morning and walk, this is the secret of their health.

Interesting Facts

  1. Umendra Dutt’s life is very simple, they wear handmade khadi clothes.
  2. Seeing the disadvantages of chemical farming, they raised the voice of organic farming in Punjab against it.
  3. They are very religious people, they do chanting every day.
  4. They have made an effort to save the environment, the old culture of Punjab, and agriculture, which no Punjabi can ignore, perhaps that is why their stature is very high in their field.
  5. If we talk about his achievements, the list is very long and it can be estimated from the fact that his trained farmers and youths are teaching others and developing agriculture today.
  6. He had raised the first front against Punjab Agricultural University and now raised the first flag against GM Mustard.


While Umendra Dutt has so many friends, there are many people against him, including companies selling chemicals, and farmers who started organic farming but suffered losses due to lack of market.

Some people say that KVM does very little work on the ground, and shows a lot. many people call Umendra Dutt an agent of RSS, so many Punjabi people are against him.

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