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Smt.Veerpal Kaur is a lady farmer from village Raipur, under district Mansa, Panjab, India. She is doing sustainable farming by adopting many best practices such as crop diversification, irrigation methods, DSR, Zero tillage, use of crop residue as organic matter etc.

She uses a very small amount of chemicals in the field, Veerpal Kaur field alternative chemical, she replaces chemicals with organic manure like vermicompost and Farm Yard Manure. She used vermi-wash, Jiwa-Amrit and dung as a growth promoter, by this she reduce her expenses and improve the yield and quality of the crop.

Smt.Veerpal Kaur (Source via Sksbiography)

She owns 2 acres of land and is cultivating 3 acres under lease. Their main crop cycle is wheat/mustard – paddy/cotton. They do not sow the same crop in the same field for 2 years, She says that crop rotation also increases the crop yield and maintains the fertility of the land.

When I started doing research on women farmers, I found only Veerpal Kaur’s name in the whole Mansa district. Then I met him and interviewed him.

Personal Info

Full NameSmt. Veerpal Kaur Sidhu
ResidenceRaipur, Mansa, Punjab;
Land Ownership2 Acre
Land On lease3 Acre
Farming on Land5 Acre
Spouse nameSr. Attar Singh
Children3 (2 boys and elder girl)
Children NameHarpreet Singh & Jaspreet Singh
DaughterManpreet Kaur
Best PracticesCrop diversification, DSR, DSW, Crop residue management, laser labelling, IPM, INM, and biopesticide/fertilizers


Veerpal Kaur was born in 1974 at village Ganga, under district Sirsa in the house of Sardar Atma Singh. Her father is also a farmer. Veerpal Kaur inherited farming skills from her father.

She married Attar Singh in 1995. She has three children, and by the year 2005, She started help to her husband in the work of farming.


Veerpal Kaur has been fond of agriculture since childhood. In 2003, her third child was born, and in 2005 she started farming. when she started farming, the people of his village were discourage him, everyone said that farming is beyond the reach of women.

People advised him that she has only two-acre of land, from which she can get no income, he should give him on contract and start some other work. But he believed that farming was a lucrative business and he made it a lucrative business with his hard work.

Veerpaal Kaur said that at first, he used to cultivate with oxen, then times changed and he started sowing, and cultivation on rent. She finally bought her own tractor in 2012 and the farming work was taken to other heights.

Nowadays Veerpal Kaur is cultivating by learning modern farming techniques that will increase the crop yield and reduce the cost of farming and the use of natural resources is very less.

Interesting Facts

  • Veerpal Kaur also drives the tractor herself, which is a big thing in Punjab.
  • She knows all agriculture practices, and how to apply them. she made all biopesticides and biofertilizers at her farm.
  • She is working on crop diversification.
  • As she did not get any education from any school but still today she is on the list of Progressive Farmers of Punjab.
  • Veerpaal Kaur said that at first, he used to cultivate with oxen, then times changed and he started sowing, and cultivation on rent. She finally bought her own tractor in 2012.


Mobile No.9592438771
AddressVPO – Raipur, Mansa
Pin Code – 151505
Smt.Veerpal Kaur made Jeev Amrit


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